April 1st | Leiden

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Pocket Knife Army: Electronic Indie Pop

Introducing Pocket Knife Army: the electrifying duo bringing a fresh and eclectic sound to the electronic indie pop scene. With Desirée's mesmerizing vocals and Erwin’s masterful manipulation of synthesizers and drum machines, this band is sure to entrance audiences with their unique blend of 80's-inspired, danceable tracks. Comparable to the likes of The White Stripes, St. Vincent, and Depeche Mode, Pocket Knife Army's music is a distinct breed of left-field electronic pop.

But the musical prowess of Pocket Knife Army is only matched by their captivating live shows. With their infectious energy, alluring performance style and mesmerising light displays, every performance is a feast for the senses.

Oliv Oliv x Jane Bergkotte

Oliv Oliv, the moniker of Olivier Terpstra. His music is best described as cinematic techno: long build ups and fast beats combined with field recordings that are captured on film sets during his work as a sound recordist. Combining these recordings with the rich analog sounds created on the modular synthesizer, the audience enters a whole new universe. Experience it as a real-time (live)production of the massive soundtrack for your imaginary film. Full of field recordings, compelling melodies, and a strong element of techno.

In his collaboration with visual artist Jane Bergkotte they combine the analogue synths and digital images into a visual installation that takes over the whole dance- floor. Jane is a generative artist in search of organic forms within a digital environment. He gets inspired by natural processes with a fascination on growth and adaptability; he applies coincidences and serendipity within his own work. By combining analog and digital he connects spaces with the audience and the audience with his work. He utilises coding and interactivity to construct his work; thus creating a continually moving piece that will never be the same even while exhibiting.

000: Live modular synth techno

000 is the techno alias of Dennis Weijers, a Utrecht / Berlin based modular synth artist.

000 played in legendary Berlin nightclubs like Griesmühle, Mensch Meier, AvA, Gelegenheiten and Arena Club. His dark techno style flirts with acid and industrial music. 000 released music on Advanced [Black] and RND Records and was remixed by artists like Tham and Radical G. As founder of the collective Abîme, 000 organized club nights in the Berlin night live until 2020.

LIJO: adventurous and literate art-pop

Songstress LIJO explores the themes of identity and validation in songs that shift from sounding eerie and held back to lighthearted and open. Her music, carrying these reoccurring topics, has been labeled by various press as ‘alternative indie pop’ or ‘art pop’, but being a multi-instrumentalist LIJO loves to approach her songwriting from different angles and show how her music is genre fluid. That being said, she never loses sight of her signature innovative melodies and her literate, colourful view on lyrics.

Her live shows are vibrant as she wanders between beats, synths, guitars and piano, and her long time stage companion Mirthe de Jonge adds adventurous electronic cello layers. Her music is unexpected and always in motion. And that’s exactly how she wants it to be, because she believes everything we are is just a momentary state.

Silent Poetry Techno Aerobics

Dance until your shoes ignite with that fat blend of heavy techno, insane aerobics, witty words, and a dash of absurdism. Let's kick it off with a tasty warm-up, followed by the silent disco. So, shake your hips with Marrit Bausch as the master of moves and Wordbites as your top-notch poetry host and ultimate disruptor.

WORDBITES SILENT POETRY TECHNO AEROBICS has previously played at events such as Madness, Paradigm Festival, Camping De Lievelinge, De Nijverheid, Festival Hongerige Wolf, and even Geertje's birthday party.


Roel Weerdenburg - panOptical

Roel Weerdenburg is a visual artist and sonic designer. Since his graduation at Music & Technology, University of the Arts Utrecht, he has been focussing on the composition and performance of music, the creation of sound and video and building audio/visual installations.

Recurring techniques in his works are complex feedback systems, the exploration and exploitation of sonic and visual artefacts, combining hard- and software and the spatial use of sound and video.

Roel’s musical works and performances are strongly focussed on rhythm and the timbral developments of sound. While being drawn towards artificial and synthesized sounds, he also composes (electro-)acoustic music.

The audio/visual installations he creates mainly focus on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment.

Compositions, installations and performances were presented at places like Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Le Guess Who Festival, WORM Rotterdam, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Uncloud Festival, Bring Your Own Beamer, FAQ Festival, Pitch Festival and Amsterdam Dance Event.

ZWEET (A dance film by DansBlok)

DansBlok is the Leiden based dance collective, consisting of Rosa Allessie, Éryn Nieuwint, Dieuwertje Spek and Tessa Wouters. Our work is created in the productionhouse of Theater Ins Blau. We translate recognizable situations that we experience as young women to stylized and confronting productions. We create both live performances as well as dance films. Our last film PLASTISCH was screened at many filmfestivals around the world, was part of an exposition at museum De Lakenhal and won the ‘Best Film’ award at Covent Garden Filmfestival.

Millennial Eva is looking for a way to escape her daily life struggles. The nightlife might provide the anonymity she needs to finally surrender to the moment. Will she be carried away by the current of the beat? Can she disappear in the crowd without losing herself?

Get ready to dive into a world of art, music, dance, and performance like never before. Our festival brings together a harmonious blend of traditional art forms, modern digital art, and cutting-edge performances that will awaken your senses. With stunning visuals and interactive installations, you'll be transported to a realm of creativity and imagination.

An eclectic night beyond your imagination...


When and where is Midnight Masquerade?

Midnight Masquerade will take place at April 1st 2023 in Resistor and Theater De Generator Leiden. 

Address: Middelstegracht 36, Leiden.

What can I expect at Midnight Masquerade?

Midnight Masquerade is a modern and futuristic version of a Bal Masqué. Expect to be surprised by stunning pieces of digital art installations, visuals, eccentric live music acts, dance performances and all kinds of crossover art. The night festival gives you the opportunity to discover new things, but it also offers a way to escape day to day life for a one night. 

There will be multiple stages and rooms for you to go on little adventures.

The night will end with two exciting acts serving you some steamy techno for you to dance to like nobody's watching!

Do I have to wear a mask?

No, you don't have to, but feel free to be as extravagant as you would like to be. Midnight Masquerade is a festival where you can be who you want to be for one night. Our dress code is more like a dress suggestion - colorful and extravagant. 

If you're not able to bring a mask, don't worry, we will give you one at the door which you can decorate yourself at our decoration station. 

Safe space

Midnight Masquerade is a place for everyone, so we think it is very important to create a safe space. We will not tolerate any form of physical or verbal abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination, racism and xenophobic or homophobic behaviour.  

Where can I get tickets?

Buy your tickets from our online shop: https://shop.ticketbuy.nl/8xqbkQnQ/midnight-masquerade

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

Unfortunately is it not possible to get a refund on bought tickets. 

Can I come by train or car?

The central station of Leiden is at a 5 minute bike ride or a 20 minute walk and has a good connection to several cities thoughout the night. Be prepared and make sure you check out the public transportation connections before coming to Midnight Masquerade.

Parking is paid in the area around Resistor and Theater De Generator, but you can park your car for free at a 15 minute walk from the festival location. 

In the neighborhood there are some nice hotels and hostels, would you prefer to stay the night in Leiden.

What are the opening hours?

The door is open from 20:30 and we will end around 02:00.